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Transitional Housing

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For over 20 years, 3rd Step Ministry has been dedicated to supporting women in their journey to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Over the years, we have witnessed an ever-growing need for transitional housing as a crucial bridge to help these courageous women step into a brighter future.


Women who have completed their substance abuse program, often find themselves at a crossroads, seeking stable housing before transitioning to the next phase of their sobriety journey. Unfortunately, many of the women are forced to return to some of the same places they once knew, where temptation and despair lurk, diminishing their chances of lasting success.


In response to this pressing need, 3SM proudly present the NEXT STEPS, A Transitional Housing Program! The mission is to uplift women in recovery by providing them with safe and nurturing housing during their transition between programs. Working hand-in-hand with local partners, NEXT STEPS offers a lifeline of support to these brave women, empowering them to embrace a brighter and healthier future.


To foster lasting change and sustainable growth, NEXT STEPS goes beyond providing housing. We are committed to equipping these women with the tools they need to rebuild their lives, step by step.

Our comprehensive services include:



We understand that every woman's journey is unique.

During their three months of housing, each resident will be compassionately guided by one of 3rd Step Ministry's dedicated case managers, to ensure they meet the program requirements while receiving continuous support and personalized assistance, crafting short and long-term goals.

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