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From Addiction to Hope

We are happy to announce our first book: From Addiction to Hope: Stories of Healing, Wholeness & Everyday recovery

This book is a collection of testimonials, highlighting women who have been impacted by 3rd Step Ministry, past and present who have experienced the life-changing work of Jesus Christ in their lives through SOBRIETY and RECOVERY.

These stories will be a source of HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT not only to the women we serve but to all who have a story of redemption and that is all of us!

We know that hope is gained through shared experiences that lift one another up and point to a brighter tomorrow. When one woman shares her story it empowers others to share theirs as well.


3rd Step’s Founder and Chairwoman, Maria Camarillo had this to say, “Every story shared in this book is a testament to the amazing healing power of Jesus! We overcome every stronghold including addiction by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. This is exactly what this book is, a collection of testimonies that reflect God’s amazing love and power to redeem and restore the lives of these beautiful women.”


We are excited to share that 100% of the proceeds to this book will go directly to support the efforts of 3rd Step Ministry and our reach towards women in recovery. Your generous contribution and support is greatly appreciated.

Every time a book is purchased we will donate a book to a woman in recovery.

We know you will be blessed by these stories and encouraging messages of hope throughout the book.

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