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Our Leadership

Board Members

My Why: "Women have been the target of attack since the garden of Eden. With God's help, I am committed to the full restoration of each woman's unique purpose, beauty, and calling."

Maria Camarillo


My Why: "I feel most alive when God uses me in a woman's life that is struggling with addiction, trauma and brokenness."

Valerie Valverde



My Why: "I have a burden for women who have been afflicted by addiction. That's why I am honored to serve 3rd Step's mission to bring hope and love to the brokenhearted."

Lisa Borja



Committee Members

Maria Camarillo
Mavi Torres
Kina Magallon

Virginia Corcoran

Myrna Dekker
Celina Canales
Christina Brown

Jessica Torres
Cindy Lebron
Rose Miranda

Susana Inzunza
Melesia Cisneros
Nory Moreno

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